Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ZA first baby contest :)

Daddy have to say Yeah!!! when they decided not to do any facebook voting!! Below is an announcement over this matter:-

Dear Valued Customers & Participants for,

With regards to the matter above; kindly be informed that we received complains on participants exchanging votes with other participants from other contest. This has caused some of the votes for some participants increase tremendously over a short period. Due to this issues, Facebook International has received complaints from other pages and has issue few warnings to us and forced us to close down this page.

We would like to announce that few participants have been disqualified due to this reason despite numerous warning has been sent. And to be fair to other participants; there are needs to change the voting mechanism as we realized that the there are still others voters from other contest inviting the participants to exchange votes for each contest in the Facebook page.

Submission for the contest will remain ending in September 2010, as for the voting period, it has been change to start on 1st October 2010 onwards and extended to November 2010. And voting mechanism has been changed to registration via email to entitle for registration. Please find enclosed the details for the voting mechanism.

To view all the participants and their details, kindly visit the below link:-

To vote, kindly follow these steps:-
Step 1: visit
by sending an email to: with this number as the subject: 16942

Step 2: Enter your email address to register.
Step 3: Check your email for link and click at it.
Step 4: Choose the Baby ID and click "done"

Please take note that we are very concern on the fairness of the contest and these steps are required. We sincerely hope that all the customer and participants understand our predicament.

Thank you.

Louis Tan.

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