Friday, July 30, 2010

Upright All Right!!!

We are proud of you Dearest ZA on your new acquired skill. You're now able to seat upright just like mommy and daddy. With this skill you are license to use the high chair and riding our mysterious 6th month b'day gift which is still being wrap in a box.

p/s: the initial plan was to do the cliche baby in the basket photo. But there is one tiny problem, ZA already out grown the little basket. Thus the above photo; PLAN B..LOL

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Adik..

We had an close encounter with Adik through the technology of ultrasound. Adik was seen to be very actively cycling with his/her hands and legs. We took the opportunity to record Adik first heart rate. Below is a list of updated First Heart Rate of Anak-Anak Marjan.

1. ZA = 150 BPM
2. Adik = 141 BPM

There is a "midwives tale" which said that if the heart rate of a baby is over 140 BPM, the baby is a girl and if it is below 140 BPM, the baby is a boy... :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Impromtu B'day Gift

Daddy and Mommy bought ZA a gift for her 6th Month B'day and for being an adorable little princess. The gift is one of the nice to have thing according to some parenting blogs. For the time being daddy gonna reserve the gift due to safety precaution. You can't simply give your Ferrari to your teenager can you?

Circa her 6th Month B'day, Aunty June bought her a polo-short-dress from Baby GAP. We love it!!!