Saturday, August 14, 2010

Burps like a rock star

One question remains unanswered is when do we really stop to burp ZA? One rule of thumb is to wait until the baby can seat up right. Another suggests that to wait until the babies can burp by themselves. ZA can seat-up by her self but we have not notice any automagic burp from her yet. By combining these 2 old tale requirements, does ZA still need the burp support?

p/s: ZA loves home cook meals compared to process foods that come in a jar or can. You rock girl! We love you!


  1. Dlm one of the sites aku baca, the say when the baby starts moving dh x payah burp kan. Fifi hasnt been burped since she was 4mos cmtu. Oh tp dia mmg jns susah burp since lahir :S. But now she can burp sendiri la masa main2.

  2. But I always got a feeling yg she will muntah if not burp. puke-a-phobia kot..